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Who we are

NDS Lasers

Laser cutting services, good quality laser cut products in Nairobi Kenya and Africa at large

We work directly with residential, commercial or local government clients or liaise with project managers including landscape professionals, architects and interior designers.

Our multi-faceted team of designers are able to create competitive, reliable and stylish solutions for your project so please consider what NDS LASERS can offer your next project…


Our services


  1. Building facades
  2. Screen walls
  3. Backlit
  4. Staircase & balconies railings
  5. Pergolas & covers
  6. Fences & gates
  7. Doors & windows
  8. Ceiling & skylights
  9. Signage Interior
  10. Design & décor Outdoor & landscaping Design Patterns.

what we can do

“We offer precision artistry in laser cut metal and non-metal products in the construction industry” 

We at NDS LASERS understand that each client has a unique taste and approach to design. As architects currently practicing in the construction industry, we have realized the shortage of Kenyan custom designed products in the industry. NDS Artisan Metal Crafts was born with the dream of curating and supplying custom laser metal and wood products to the client’s needs. Our products have undergone intensive research to develop the techniques necessary for high quality cutting of metal and wood. Our brochures and our website contains a variety of laser cut products and illustrates how these have been able to transform buildings, interior and exterior spaces into ambient artistic masterpieces. We produce custom made laser cut metal and wood design to suit our clients’ unique needs.

Our products include laser cut: Building facades, Screen walls, Backlit, Staircase & balconies railings, Pergolas & covers, Fences & gates, Doors & windows, Ceiling & skylights, Signage Interior, Design & décor Outdoor & landscaping Design Patterns.

We cut a variety of materials including, rigid aluminum, composite aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, corten steel, hd foam board, hdf/mdf/plywood, acrylic, gypsum boards and wood



Kevin O. Orina

Kevin O. Orina

Associate, Quantity Surveyor

David W. Chemiat

David W. Chemiat

MD, Architect, CPM

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